Timestamp (12d App)

A 12d Model app for displaying the current time and date in a particular timestamp format.  The timestamp can be captured in a chain and then used in automation and standardisation of processes for plots, file exports, reports, backups and more.

I will be writing a post shortly explaining exactly how to use this 12d app to add dates to file exports and backup existing files.  Stay tuned!

Screenshot of Timestamp application for 12d Model.
Screenshot of Timestamp application for 12d Model.


  • GUI or command-line interfaces
  • Choose from common preset formats
  • Use a custom format (using C++ strftime() codes)
  • Option to automatically replace invalid characters for filenames (e.g. : / \ ? < > )
  • Displays the current time when launched or on demand

Please leave a comment if you find any bugs or have any enhancement requests.

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