Check Breaklines Custom Report – Text with Tolerance

A custom report template (XSLT stylesheet) for the Check Breaklines 3 panel in 12d Model V14, producing a report in tab-delimited text format with a hard-coded tolerance of 10 mm for the delta Z values. Any results- intersecting strings or vertices with varying heights- where the (absolute) difference in Z values is less than this tolerance will be omitted from the report. The file is a 12d Model Compiled XSLT.

Stylesheet – 12dField Least Squares Adjustment to STAR*NET

A stylesheet (XSLT) to transform the 12dField Least Squares Adjustment XML file to a .dat file for import into STAR*NET. 2018-04-18 – V2.0 – Updates: Fixed incorrect angle conversion New 12d XML format backsight -> backsighted, foresight -> foresighted dms_angle -> angle with full multiple units extra horiz. network parameters distance -> ground_distance extra space between control name and coord Example output (excerpt only): # 12d Field Measurement Rounds LSA to StarNet # by Matthew Monk # Scale = 1… Read moreStylesheet – 12dField Least Squares Adjustment to STAR*NET

Customising XML reports – Part 1

In V10, 12d Model introduced the use of XML reports for a few of the reporting options in the software. Prior to this any customisations or modifications to the formatting of reports by clients required either manual editing in a text editor or in 12d- e.g. deleting columns, changing headings, etc, or a custom 12d app to be written. The move to XML reports allows clients and 12d to more easily modify the format of these reports or add custom… Read moreCustomising XML reports – Part 1