Check Breaklines Custom Report – Text with Tolerance

A custom report template (XSLT stylesheet) for the Check Breaklines 3 panel in 12d Model V14, producing a report in tab-delimited text format with a hard-coded tolerance of 10 mm for the delta Z values. Any results- intersecting strings or vertices with varying heights- where the (absolute) difference in Z values is less than this tolerance will be omitted from the report. The file is a 12d Model Compiled XSLT.

Stylesheet – 12dField Least Squares Adjustment to STAR*NET

A stylesheet (XSLT) to transform the 12dField Least Squares Adjustment XML file to a .dat file for import into STAR*NET. 2018-04-18 – V2.0 – Updates: Fixed incorrect angle conversion New 12d XML format backsight -> backsighted, foresight -> foresighted dms_angle -> angle with full multiple units extra horiz. network parameters distance -> ground_distance extra space between control name and coord Example output (excerpt only): # 12d Field Measurement Rounds LSA to StarNet # by Matthew Monk # Scale = 1… Read moreStylesheet – 12dField Least Squares Adjustment to STAR*NET