Fit 3pt Arcs (12d App)

[ Updated 10/01/2022 – v1.2 ] An application for the 12d Model software that allows users to easily fit arcs to existing 3-pt strings, including creating a centre point and closing the arc. !! NOTE:   The new version (v1.2) has been compiled to work with V14C2k or above and may not work on earlier versions. Contact your local 12d distributor for information on how to upgrade to the latest version. Features: Fit arcs to existing strings with 3 points Better… Read moreFit 3pt Arcs (12d App)

Set Strings Direction (12d App)

A 12d Model app to set all strings to be the same direction- clockwise or counter-clockwise. This can make various operations easier, such as offset/parallel and applying certain linestyles (e.g. Flow lines). Features: Full source code included User can choose which direction Only changes the strings that are in the opposite direction Only works on Super strings Source Box, Target Box and Undos

Set Strings Direction source code (12d App)

Source code of Set Strings Direction application for 12d Model. Dependencies: set_ups.h – Available in your 12d Model install folder standard_library.h – Can be downloaded from 12d Model Forum !! NOTE !! These files cannot be directly run from within 12d Model. For that, you need the compiled version here or you need to compile it yourself (Utilities→Macros→Compile from the 12d Model menus).