Open File Source Code (12d App)

Source code of Open File application for 12d Model. Dependencies: set_ups.h – Available in your 12d Model install folder standard_library.h – Available on the 12d Forum here: !! NOTE !! These files cannot be directly run from within 12d Model. For that, you need the compiled version here or you need to compile it yourself (Utilities→Macros→Compile from the 12d Model menus).

Open File (12d App)

Compiled 12d Model app to execute a given program with optional command-line arguments or open a file with its associated program. This macro has no graphical user interface and should be run with command-line arguments.  Refer to the 12d Model help for details on running macros. open_file.4do  “” “C:/Path/to/some dir/My File.txt” open_file.4do “C:/Windows/notepad.exe” “C:/Path/to/some dir/My File.txt” Enclose the arguments in quotes if they contain spaces. Standard Windows escaping and paths apply.