Check Breaklines Custom Report – Text with Tolerance

A custom report template (XSLT stylesheet) for the Check Breaklines 3 panel in 12d Model V14, producing a report in tab-delimited text format with a hard-coded tolerance of 10 mm for the delta Z values. Any results- intersecting strings or vertices with varying heights- where the (absolute) difference in Z values is less than this tolerance will be omitted from the report. The file is a 12d Model Compiled XSLT.

Report Used Linestyles (12d App)

A 12d Model app to report linestyles used by all elements in the current project to a file. This app has no panel and requires no user-interaction. Simply run it and the results will be output to a file “all_used_linestyles.txt” in the current project’s working folder. The app is currently set to ignore any data that has been shared into the current project (i.e. is external to the project). No checks are done to ensure that the linestyles exist in… Read moreReport Used Linestyles (12d App)