Run command (12d App)

A 12d Model app that runs a command via the Windows command shell (cmd.exe). This effectively is the same as calling the cmd.exe directly with the /C switch, but ensures the arguments are correctly quoted. However, the limitations and restrictions of cmd.exe are still present, so it is worth reading the documentation on that (cmd.exe /? from a command prompt). Example usage: run_cmd.4do “$USER_LIB_4D\\My_batch.bat” You might also be interested in the Open File 12d Model app.

Batch Apply MTF Edits (12d App)

Compiled 12d Model app to make Batch Edits to many Apply Many/Apply MTF functions at once.  Edits to make are hard-coded into the macro.  This example changes the mapfile to use $LIB\PW_DESIGN.mapfile .