Report Used Linestyles (12d App)

A 12d Model app to report linestyles used by all elements in the current project to a file. This app has no panel and requires no user-interaction. Simply run it and the results will be output to a file “all_used_linestyles.txt” in the current project’s working folder. The app is currently set to ignore any data that has been shared into the current project (i.e. is external to the project). No checks are done to ensure that the linestyles exist in the current environment.

This is a fairly quick-and-dirty macro with little polish. Please leave a comment, if you’d like further functionality added. I might even add the source code version in the future, since this is a good example of a simple app with which to learn the 12d Programming Language (12dPL).

3 thoughts on “Report Used Linestyles (12d App)

    1. Would that not be a Report Used Symbols macro? Or do you want them combined with some command-line options? As far as macros go, I don’t think there’s anything particularly difficult with this one.

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