Parallel Strings (12d App)

A 12d Model application that parallels (aka offset) multiple strings at once. Eliminate repetitive steps and streamline your workflow! Download the Parallel Strings app for free.

Panel of Parallel Strings application
Panel of Parallel Strings application

Though there is already a parallel strings option (Strings→Strings edit→Parallel) in 12d Model, it only works on a single element at a time. This 12d app is meant to provide users with the ability to parallel strings en masse and can also be used in a chain for automation.


  • Source box of data to parallel
  • Target box for results – more flexibilty and control
  • Multiple parallel iterations supported
  • Vertical shift also supported
  • Supports the latest V10 offset modes- join, intersect, fillet, clip, dual


Please leave a comment if you have any problems installing or running the app.

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