Set and Change Parameter Values in Chains

One of the great features in 12d Model for streamlining and automating repetitive processes is chains. They allow you to wrap up a set of processes, actions or steps, add some smarts and run them all as one entity. For more about what chains can do and how they can be used, I’d recommend reading my previous post, Introduction to Chains . In today’s post, I’ll be covering one of the advanced features of chains- parameters- and how we can… Read moreSet and Change Parameter Values in Chains

Change Text Case (12d App)

A 12d Model app that allows the user to change the case (i.e. capitalisation) of various text values in bulk.    The app can change: Values of Text objects String names (any object) Point IDs (Super strings) Vertex text (Super string or 4d strings) Segment text (Super strings) Values to be changed can also be further filtered through the use of the mask fields.  If blank, all values will be matched.  Otherwise, only those matching the mask value will be… Read moreChange Text Case (12d App)

Chain Custom Prompt (12d App)

[Updated 13/04/20 – v1.4] A 12d Model app that builds and displays a user-definable panel (i.e. Graphical User Interface (GUI)). The primary purpose of this macro is for use in chains as a replacement or extension of the Prompt command. The Prompt command built-in to the chain functionality inside 12d Model allows chain authors to present the user with a set of fields that can then be filled in. The data entered into this Chain Prompt is then captured in… Read moreChain Custom Prompt (12d App)

Measure angle by 3 points with dynamic draw (12d App)

Source code and compiled test macro demonstrating my library for user measurement of an angle by picking 3 points with dynamic drawing of the pick and measurement.  This code was initially written for the Rotate Relative macro (Utilities→H-Z→Rotate relative) and was based on the behaviour of the in-built Measure Angle by 3pts (Utilities→Measure→Angle x 3pts). The behaviour of this code is, however, slightly different in the order of picks with the base point being picked first. The main complexity involved… Read moreMeasure angle by 3 points with dynamic draw (12d App)