From the archives: drainage.4d for Victoria?

Someone on the 12d Model Forum– great place, highly recommended, 5 stars- recently asked whether anyone had drainage.4d files suitable for Victoria. The drainage.4d file, for anyone who doesn’t know, contains the drainage configuration for 12d Model’s 1D drainage analysis. It contains the definitions for the pits and pipes and can include additional information such as dimensions and sizes, inlet capacity curves and trimeshes for realistic models.

Anyway, since I’ve previously: a) lived in Victoria; b) used 12d Model; and c) done drainage analysis and design jobs for Vicroads and local councils, I figured I must have an existing drainage.4d file somewhere in my digital hoardings. Sure enough, a quick search through my archives found not one, but two, possible files. I have a feeling one of them was created by me, but even then, it was done so long ago that I can’t vouch for its accuracy, authenticity or completeness.

Let me know how well these files do match the Vicroads or other standards and whether they are useful. If you recognise either of the files as your own, please let me know.

These files are provided as-is. Use at your own risk.

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