Fit 3pt Arcs (12d App)

An application for the 12d Model software that allows users to easily fit arcs to existing 3-pt strings, including creating a centre point and closing the arc.


  • Fit arcs to existing strings with 3 points (or whole multiples of 3 points, e.g. 6 or 9 points)
  • Create an extra string to close the arc, creating a complete cricle.
  • Create a point at the centre of the arc
  • Select how the height of the centre point is calculated from the source string heights:  no height, minimum height, maximum height and average height.
  • Use the Cad ControlBar to set the properties of the new strings or matching the source data.
  • Selecting and processing many strings at once, including advanced selection modes such as Filter, Polygon and Favourites.
  • Choose the destination for the outputs, including replacing, moving and copying, and using prefixes.

Screenshot of Fit 3pt Arcs app for 12d Model

FREE to download.  No documentation currently available.

Please report any bugs or feedback in the comments.

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