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Compiled 12d Model app to execute a given program with optional command-line arguments or open a file with its associated program.

This macro has no graphical user interface and should be run with command-line arguments.  Refer to the 12d Model help for details on running macros.

open_file.4do  "" "C:Path	osome dirMy File.txt"
open_file.4do "C:Windows
otepad.exe" "C:Path	osome dirMy File.txt"

Enclose the arguments in quotes if they contain spaces. Standard Windows escaping and paths apply.

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Matthew is a Civil Engineer who has worked for 8 years as a design consultant involved in numerous road, highway, drainage and land development projects. During that time, he became an integral part of the 12d development group, developing company standards, conventions, and customisations and providing support and training to users in offices around the world. Since leaving his design role, Matthew has moved to head up the UK office of 12d, being responsible for sales, support and training for all 12d Model users throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

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