Add Text Separator Help (12d App)

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Add Text Separator Help (12d App)

Add Text Separator help explains how to use the Add Text Separator application for 12d Model. The app helps format text and labels for documentation of designs.


This macro can be called and run in two ways:

  1. Using a graphical user interface (GUI) in an interactive fashion; or
  2. Via a command line interface (CLI) not requiring user interaction.

If the macro is called without any command line arguments, then it will assume it is being run in the graphical, interactive manner and will display a panel to the user. Otherwise, the
macro will parse the relevant command line arguments and run without user interaction. The CLI method is particularly important for running this macro in chains since macro GUIs are not currently supported in chains (until V10).

Exploding SA labels

Since the macro language (4DML) doesn’t currently support direct access to the Super Alignment label style, this macro relies on the SA labels being exploded and detached from
the Super Alignment beforehand. You can explode the SA labels either by running the menu Strings→Create→Super alignments→Explode labels or by selecting the Explode labels button from the Super Alignment Tools toolbar.
When you run the Explode labels routine, you should be presented with a panel like that below:

  1. For the source data, select the Super Alignment(s) for which you want to explode the labels.
  2. In the Pre*postfix for models field, it is recommended that you include a prefix or a postfix. If this field is left blank, the exploded labels will be placed in the same model
    as that containing the SA.
  3. The Keep original labels option can be either on or off. It is recommended that it be ticked ON. Click on the [Help] for further information about this setting.
  4. The Explode labels as points can be either ticked on or off. It is recommended that is be ticked OFF. Click on the [Help] for further information about this setting.
  5. When the panel has been filled out, click the [Explode] button.

Though this macro was written with the intention of being used for a model of exploded SA labels, it will work on any Super string with vertex text or any Text object. In the case of the latter, the macro can be used to add a text separator to Text objects produced by, for example, plots.

Download the Add Text Separator help file for full and complete documentation.

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