Add Models to View by Element UID Range (12d App)

A custom 12d Model application (aka macro) to add models to a view based on a range of element unique IDs.  Designed to be used with Get Last and Next Element UIDs (12d App) in a chain to add processed elements to a view for further processing.  The range of element UIDs would be captured by the chain and then injected via parameters into this panel.  The models for all elements within that UID range will then be added to the… Read moreAdd Models to View by Element UID Range (12d App)

Get Last and Next Element UIDs (12d App)

A custom 12d Model application (aka macro) to get the next and last element Unique IDs (UIDs) in the current project.  Every element that is created in a 12d Model project is assigned a unique ID within that project to allow it to be referenced and selected internally, even with duplicate names or no name at all.  The UIDs tend to be assigned incrementally as elements are created.  This app is designed to be run as part of a chain… Read moreGet Last and Next Element UIDs (12d App)

Fit 3d Circle (12d App)

Calculate the 3d circle parameters to fit through three picked 3d points and, optionally, create a centre point and approximated 3d circle. By 3d circle, we mean a circle that has been rotated in 3d space such that it may no longer appear circular when viewed in plan, but will be circular within its own plane. This is in contrast to a circle with 3d levels currently able to be drawn in 12d Model using existing tools.  

Model Duplicate with Attributes Source Code (12d App)

Source code of Model Duplicate with Attributes application for 12d Model. Dependencies: set_ups.h – Available in your 12d Model install folder standard_library.h – Available on the 12d Forum here: !! NOTE !! These files cannot be directly run from within 12d Model. For that, you need the compiled version here or you need to compile it yourself (Utilities→Macros→Compile from the 12d Model menus).

Model Duplicate with Attributes (12d App)

Compiled 12d Model application (aka macro) simply duplicates a given model to a new model with an option to also copy model attributes.  Options in 12d Model currently (V14C2j) allow for duplicating of models, but none support also copying over the model attributes.  The model attributes can be used for storing various meta-data and user-defined information, but are also used extensively by the Three Waters tools in 12d Model, particularly the stormwater drainage analysis.