Fit 3d Circle (12d App)

Calculate the 3d circle parameters to fit through three picked 3d points and, optionally, create a centre point and approximated 3d circle. By 3d circle, we mean a circle that has been rotated in 3d space such that it may no longer appear circular when viewed in plan, but will… [ Read More » ]

Model Duplicate with Attributes Source Code (12d App)

Source code of Model Duplicate with Attributes application for 12d Model. Dependencies: set_ups.h – Available in your 12d Model install folder standard_library.h – Available on the 12d Forum here: !! NOTE !! These files cannot be directly run from within 12d Model. For that, you need the compiled version… [ Read More » ]

Model Duplicate with Attributes (12d App)

Compiled 12d Model application (aka macro) simply duplicates a given model to a new model with an option to also copy model attributes.  Options in 12d Model currently (V14C2j) allow for duplicating of models, but none support also copying over the model attributes.  The model attributes can be used for… [ Read More » ]

Project Information (12d App)

A 12d Model application that displays various information about the current project, including software version, common directories, project details and the ability to query specific project attributes or environment variables. [ Read More » ]

Project Name (12d App)

A simple 12d Model application to display the current project’s name, path and whether the project was opened from 12d Synergy.  Useful on space-constrained screens, e.g. survey field tablets, where the full project name and path may not be visible in the window title. [ Read More » ]

Chain Custom Values (12d App)

A 12d Model application design to be used in chains for displaying values and capturing those values in parameters. This works similarly to the Chain Custom Prompts app, but is not intended for user interaction. Rather, the idea is that the chain author will provide the values to be displayed… [ Read More » ]

Run command (12d App)

A 12d Model app that runs a command via the Windows command shell (cmd.exe). This effectively is the same as calling the cmd.exe directly with the /C switch, but ensures the arguments are correctly quoted. However, the limitations and restrictions of cmd.exe are still present, so it is worth reading… [ Read More » ]

Change Text Case (12d App)

A 12d Model app that allows the user to change the case (i.e. capitalisation) of various text values in bulk. Supports text, string names, point IDs, vertex and segment text values and ALL UPPER CASE and all lower case modes. [ Read More » ]