12d User Conference Agenda (Draft)

With the 12d User Conference just weeks away, we already have a Draft Agenda, so you can pick your favourite, must-see sessions (all of them!). To make it easier for those on the cutting edge of technology, I’ve copied the agenda into a set of calendar events and made them available here. There are a few different formats, so use whichever suits you best.

To register your place at the Conference click here . For more information, see the official 12d website- 12d.com.

Hope to see you all at the Conference.

Internet Calendar Subscription ** RECOMMENDED **
Calendar hosted on Google to which you can subscribe. This way, once subscribed, you’ll automatically get any updates or changes made.  Copy and paste the calendar URL below into your software ( Instructions for Outlook , Google ).

Internet Calendar File
Download the file below and import into your preferred calendar software ( Instructions for Outlook , Google ). This is a static file, so if there are any changes to the agenda, you will need to download the latest version and re-import it to receive the updates.

[wpdm_file id=8]


Embedded (from Google Calendar)
If you don’t want to import or subscribe to it, you can always just view the agenda or print it below.

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