Change Text Case (12d App)

A 12d Model app that allows the user to change the case (i.e. capitalisation) of various text values in bulk.   

Screenshot of Change Text Case app for 12d Model
Screenshot of Change Text Case app for 12d Model

The app can change:

  • Values of Text objects
  • String names (any object)
  • Point IDs (Super strings)
  • Vertex text (Super string or 4d strings)
  • Segment text (Super strings)

Values to be changed can also be further filtered through the use of the mask fields.  If blank, all values will be matched.  Otherwise, only those matching the mask value will be processed.  Wildcards * and ? are supported.

Currently, the capitalisation modes are “ALL UPPER CASE” or “all lower case”, but more modes may be added in the future.  Let me know in the comments, if you’d like extra modes or more objects supported.

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