Chain Search and Replace (12d App)

A 12d Model app that allows for search and replace of values within chains. Quickly and easily make changes to your chains! Download the Chain Search and Replace app for free.

General settings showing selective search & replace of different chain commands
General settings showing selective search & replace of different chain commands

The search can be narrowed or widened to only include particular chain commands.

This macro only works on the newer XML-based chain format introduced in 12d Model 10. Supported files have an extension of .chain . The older, non-XML format chains have a .rcn extension and are not supported.


  • Currently supports all V10 chain commands
  • Search and replace can be limited to only certain commands
  • Makes a backup of existing chains before making changes (can be disabled)
  • Able to update UIDs of replaced elements (e.g. strings, tins, models)
  • Can be case-insensitive


Please leave a comment if you find any bugs or have any enhancement requests.

5 thoughts on “Chain Search and Replace (12d App)

  1. Is it possible to search and replace filenames in chains, that are captured inside recorded commands?

    An example would be the filename of a drawing created by a chain?

    1. Steve, not sure that it does. I think it only does the top-level chain stuff without drilling further down into the chain. I’ll need to check the code to be 100%. It is something that could possibly be added.

  2. Something I wish I have atm is a REPORT from chains for; a (csv) list of;
    > all SA referenced with a Resolve command. (model & str)
    > all apply many functions (or just functions generally)
    ( maybe a general report which dumps the significant bits of each command to csv )
    which I could match up against a string name report in Excel.

    Somewhat similar to multi apply many editor. When you have 6 its not an issue but clunky or limited functionality in chain editor escalates ^issues^ when you have ~150 SAs & functions. between crashes and general erky editing of the chains I found that I continually have to add these commands to chains – for some reason they keep falling out of chain. (crash/user?) Would be handy CHECK to see the contents of the chain and match things up in Excel where *stuff* can be done

    offtopic Chain editor needs a [Find] ability as well….. grrr

    1. Well, that’s easy enough. You can just write an XSLT for the chain itself and generate a report that way. Ahh…the beauty of having XML-based files.

      I’ll see what I can do to whip up an example.

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