Chain Custom Prompt (12d App)

[Updated 13/04/20 – v1.4]

A 12d Model app that builds and displays a user-definable panel (i.e. Graphical User Interface (GUI)). The primary purpose of this macro is for use in chains as a replacement or extension of the Prompt command.

The Prompt command built-in to the chain functionality inside 12d Model allows chain authors to present the user with a set of fields that can then be filled in. The data entered into this Chain Prompt is then captured in chain parameters, so they can be used elsewhere in the chain. However, since the Prompt panel is tied to parameters, it is only able to display a limited subset of all available panel fields normally available in 12d Model.

Although the list of widgets covers many of the more common situations, it does not cover all. For example, if a chain author wishes to prompt the user to select a view then they must use a parameter of type Text, since there is no View parameter type. Unfortunately, the Text parameter type when used in a Chain Prompt panel is a basic Input_Box widget. The Input_Box widget simply takes user-typed input. It does not present the user with extra functionality and validation that is available to the View_Box widget.

This macro is intended to provide the chain author with the full range of GUI fields (aka widgets) available and able to be used in a prompt to the user. In this way, the chain author is able to present a consistent interface to the user with the full functinoality and behaviour expected throughout 12d Model, whilst still being able to capture the user inputs as parameter values.

Changelog – v1.4 – 13/04/2020

  • Choice_Box supported
  • Common settings now supported for most widgets
    • Default value
    • Width of the field (in characters)
    • Tooltip
    • Optional
  • Additional settings now supported for many widgets
  • Choice_Box items
  • Create mode of widgets, e.g. File_Box, Model_Box
  • Date_Time_Box – GMT/Local time, date/time/date+time format
  • File_Box
    • Wildcard pattern
    • Directory
    • Many files
    • File encoding
    • Show encoding
    • Show Library and Setup locations
  • Function_Box
    • Filtering by type (Integer and Text types)
  • Input_Box
    • Number of lines
  • New_Select_Box
    • Status message during selection
    • Set string type for selection
    • Set snap modes
    • Direction mode
  • New_XYZ_Box
    • Specify default XYZ value
  • Slider_Box
    • Full support for all creation settings
    • Width, height, min and max value, interval, position and horizontal/vertical
  • Source_Box and Target_Box
    • Mode flags and default mode flag
  • Textstyle_Data_Box
    • Mode flags and optional fields flag
  • Text_Edit_Box
    • Number of lines, word wrap, read-only, horizontal and vertical scroll bars
  • Tin_Box
    • Filtering by tin types – normal, SuperTin, grid tin
  • View_Box
    • Filtering by view types – plan, perspective, section, perspective hidden
    • Filtering by view engine
  • All documentation updated! Phew.

2 thoughts on “Chain Custom Prompt (12d App)

  1. My my, I am impressed, a comprehensive effort, thank you for the share.

    doco says:
    “Do not capture any buttons on the custom panel. The OK and Finish button both automatically close the panel”

    This is not happening for me, am I doing something wrong?

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