Oops! Download links fixed

Thanks to some user feedback on the 12d Model Forum that some links to downloads weren’t working, I’ve had to re-set the “template” used in displaying download links. Turns out an earlier update of a plugin had reset/deleted the previous setting. I’ve now set all the download links again, but… [ Read More » ]

12d Synergy Community Forum

A few users of 12d Synergy have lamented the loss of the 12d Synergy support forum where ideas could be shared amongst users, so I decided to create a new community-driven forum, hosted here at: https://forums.advanced12d.com/ . So, if you want to share your ideas, discuss problems or get tips… [ Read More » ]

Advanced12d.com website launched

Welcome to Advanced12d.com, a website dedicated to tips, tricks and posts about the surveying and civil engineering software, 12d Model. This website is currently under construction, but should be available soon, so please check back regularly for updates.  For more information about 12d Model, please visit 12d.com .