Batch Apply MTF Edits (12d App)

A 12d Model app to make edits to many Apply MTF/Apply Many functions at once. This app does not have a panel or graphical user interface, but is instead run non-interactively. As such, it is designed such that the edits to be made are hard-coded into the application source code, compiled and then run.


  • Full source code included
  • User can choose which edits to make
  • Refer to Section 5.62.7 of the 12dPL Manual, particularly the table at the end of the section for a list of valid function properties that can be changed.

2 thoughts on “Batch Apply MTF Edits (12d App)

    1. Sorry, Ed. They changed the section numbers on me. Section 5.63.7 instead.
      12dPL Library Calls>12d Model Macro_Functions>Function Property Collections>Function Properties.

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