12D Rain (12d App)

A 12d Model app that traces the path of a rain drop over a given surface.  This is useful for determining catchments and overland flow paths for stormwater drainage or general surface analysis.

All credit and thanks to David Healy from J. Wyndham Prince for this 12d Model app. David was also a winner (along with colleague Phillip Stoddart) in the 2016 12d International Innovation Awards. You can read more about his winning entry in the 12d Synergy category from the 12d Model website here.
Screenshot of 12dRain app for 12d Model, showing calculated raindrop flow path along a surface

This is a console-based app in which the user selects a tin, a model for the output strings and a starting point for the raindrop.  The app then creates a string over the selected surface tin flowing downhill from the start point until it cannot continue.

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