12d International Conference 2016

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The 12d International Conference is just one week away (24th-26th July) and I’m very excited to see what new features 12d Model 12 and 12d Synergy 3 will bring. The Conference is always a great opportunity to see the latest and greatest features in the software, see how others are using it in novel and interesting ways, and meet and chat to fellow 12d users.

Need help with 12d?

I’ll definitely be attending and this year I’ll actually be hosting a stand in the exhibition area, showing off my services and some exciting new developments I’ve been working on. ¬†Highlights include:

  • Vertical alignment optimisation
  • Automation with chains
  • 12dPL macro writing
  • Custom reports

If you need some help developing or customising 12d Model or 12d Synergy or are keen to hear about ways of improving processes, drop by for a chat.

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NorthConnex – Innovations in Engineering Surveying

I’ll also be presenting at the Conference, as part of my work at the NorthConnex project, helping to develop innovative ways of using 12d Model, 12d Field and 12d Synergy to deliver one of the largest infrastructure projects in Australia.

Still haven’t registered?

In case you haven’t already registered, you can sign up at 12d’s website: ¬†http://www.12d.com/community/2016_conference.php .

Hope to see you all there!



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